Can CBD Help Your Pet?

CBD aka cannabidiol is a product derived from the cannabis plant, and it has been used in canine food production for several years. CBD is derived from hemp, and thus it doesn’t contain THC, which eliminated the potential for side-effects this compound causes.

While THC may harm your pet (there aren’t definite studies that proved whether it causes harm to pets or not), CBD isn’t.

On the contrary, CBD has some positive benefits for dogs that suffer from various medical problems. Only a subtle amount of CBD-type canine food contains THC, others have none, and they have no harmful toxic side-effects.


The overall lack of knowledge about CBD-infused food for pets is due to the illegal nature of marijuana. It’s against the law to advertise that type of food for having therapeutic properties because it is derived from cannabis. People who aren’t too lazy to do a bit of research will find that CBD.

Treatment that can help your pet get back on his feet

Helps in the treatment of inflammations and cancer issues. It can also relieve the pain a canine experiences due to various illnesses including the end-of-life ailments.

Dropper over essential oil bottleMany pet owners have deep connections with their pets, and they don’t want them to suffer in late stages of their life. Many of those owners have to use synthetic veterinary drugs to help their pets and, as you probably know, some of those drugs have severe side effects. Some of those drugs will cause kidney and liver damage. Still, your veterinarian will have to prescribe those drugs for your pet because they can’t prescribe CBD, which doesn’t have any side-effects. Feel free to ask that vet about CBD, and you just might find a way to buy it for your canine companion.

The Scientific community has taken, and interest in the veterinary use of marijuana and this interest are slowly spreading to the general public. The only way to make it possible to advertise CBD-infused food, as a way to help relieve pain and counter diseases in canine animals, is to conduct studies and those studies are expensive. Lack of governmental support due to the illegality of marijuana is an obstacle that prevents many breakthroughs in this field.

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