5 California Cannabis Concentrates You Have to Try

In the world of cannabis, there are few products that offer potency like concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are created through a specialized process that extracts compounds from flower and distills them into a new form that exhibits far more powerful effects than typical cannabis products. If you want to discover some potent concentrates, dive into an Oakland cannabis delivery service menu for the best ones on the market.

Sunset Mimosa by Apex

The name Sunset Mimosa perks up most who encounter this peculiar strain, but the high imparted by this concentrate from Apex is its truly memorable feature. Apex crafts all of its concentrates with potency in mind, and their Sunset Mimosa live resin is a particularly singular experience, offering full-bodied relaxation with an instant onset. 

Among concentrates, “live resin” is renowned for its purity, providing cannabis consumers with a clean product with quality that can be recognized at once. Distinct from other extraction processes, the process that results in live resin is known for preserving many of the terpenes that imbue each strain with their unique appeal.

Orange Creamsicle by Badfish

Known for its sweet flavor that recalls real citrus, Orange Creamsicle is a storied hybrid strain that is often reported to instill a warm and comfortable body high. Badfish has transformed this strain into a mighty concentrate, taking the form of “budder” with a soft and crumbly consistency. Budder is one of the smoothest cannabis concentrates to use, as it is easy to apply and produces a plentiful amount of smoke. 

Ice Cream Cake by Ember Valley

Ice Cream Cake is a highly sought after strain and assuredly a popular selection at any Oakland cannabis delivery service. In flower form, this hybrid has a reputation for frosty buds with trichomes that shake right off when handled. 

Ember Valley has created a luxurious extract from Ice Cream Cake, however, that easily rivals its undistilled counterpart in both potency and the quality of its smoke. Some may even consider Ember Valley’s take on Ice Cream Cake to be the definitive iteration of the strain.

Lemon Skunk by Moxie

Though perhaps a rarity on the cannabis market, Lemon Skunk is sativa-dominant cannabis at its best, and worthy of giving a chance when the opportunity presents itself. Many individuals describe their experience with Lemon Skunk as one characterized by happy euphoria, as stress and anxiety is instantly melted away. 

Fire Walker 43 by Raw Garden

Fire Walker 43 is another example of powerful cannabis essence that can be ordered through a variety of Oakland cannabis delivery services. With an eye to creativity, Fire Walker 43 is extract manufacturer Raw Garden’s own proprietary offering, a blend of their original Fire Walker and WiFi 43 strains that has been distilled into an entirely new and satisfying live resin concentrate.

While the strain’s flavor is known to be somewhat peppery and earthy, its effects immediately begin to settle in as a heavy, happy high that lasts for hours. This Fire Walker concentrate may also be an ideal selection for sharing with like minded cannabis compatriots, though bare in mind that caution should be employed when approaching the use of any product as potent as extract.

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